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Selling a home is a complicated legal process that effects your legal rights and liabilities. As a experienced provider of real estate legal services, Mulfinger Law Group can assist with all phases of the transaction, from getting ready to sell, including preparing the required disclosures and listing package, to reviewing offers and drafting contracts, answering your questions, and sharing our extensive knowledge of the real estate industry.The cost is a one time flat fee that covers the selected service until you sell your home. Generally we can handle everything through phone, fax and email so it does not matter where you are located. You are welcome to come to our office if you like, but in most cases it is not necessary.


Document Review

At Mulfinger Law Group we offer a document review service which includes providing the necessary disclosure forms, assisting with a listing package and all of the consultation and counseling aspects detailed in the Document Preparation service below. We answer all of your questions and offer our advice about negotiating a real estate sale as below, but here you need to have the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) forms necessary, or receive an offer on MLS paperwork.  We do not draft the forms for you and the contract must be on the MLS paperwork, which is the case with the vast majority of transactions. When you receive an offer we review it for you and then we discuss the paperwork and the process.  We make sure you are protected and have provided the necessary disclosures and forms required by law.  We explain what is in the contract documents and how that impacts your interests. We answer any questions you may have about the offer itself, the paperwork or the selling process so that you can fully understand the contract.  The fee includes review of all offers you receive until you accept one and the house is under contract, and you are free to ask me follow up questions throughout the transaction which includes questions about the inspection and the closing process.

Document Preparation

Mulfinger Law Group’s representation begins before your real estate is on the market. We help you create a professional presentation of your home for a smooth and successful transaction by getting you prepared ahead of time. Our services include advice regarding the preparation of your property for sale, including assistance in creating listing packages that tell potential buyers that you are prepared and professional, and make it easier for a buyer to submit an offer. We will provide advice in completing the required disclosures, and providing the necessary disclosure forms. Throughout the process we offer valuable insight on selling strategies and market trends.Once your property is listed, we offer our insight about selling your home on your own, handling real estate agents, negotiating, and we answer any questions you have about the sales process, the necessary disclosures required by law in a real estate sale, and how the real estate industry works in this area generally. When you have a buyer we prepare the purchase and sale contract and addenda and counsel you on how they work.Finally, we review all offers that you receive and negotiate on your behalf or provide assistance with negotiating your purchase and sale including earnest money. We will explain the contract, outline the process, including title insurance, escrow, mortgage lending, detail what you can expect from all the participants in the transaction and alert you as to the possible pitfalls. Additionally, we can order title and open escrow for you if you wish. We are happy to refer you to people for any services you need such as inspectors, lenders, insurers etc. Lastly, we review the documents before you sign a deal to make sure that your interests are protected. The affordable flat fee for this service is $3,200.

Full Representation With Listing

Full service representation is now handled through Hampton West Real Estate, a full service real estate brokerage owned and operated by Kirk Mulfinger and his team of experienced real estate professionals. For those interested in more assistance, Hampton West Real Estate is a member of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service and would be happy to assist you by listing and selling your home.