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Residential Real Estate

Mulfinger Law Group offers a wide range of residential real estate services. We can help by representing your interests in acquisitions and sales, by providing assistance with contract drafting, review, and negotiations, as well as financing and development.We have advised clients in hundreds of real estate transactions. Whether you want our comprehensive service or simply want an experienced attorney to review your documents and answer your questions, Mulfinger Law Group can help make your transaction a success.

For Sale By Owner

Mulfinger Law Group offers flat fee legal services for individuals selling or buying houses, condominiums, vacant land and investment properties. Kirk Mulfinger is an experienced real estate attorney, a licensed real estate broker and licensed mortgage broker. He and his staff draw on a wealth of experience and expertise in guiding sellers and buyers through the process.The services offered to Mulfinger Law Group clients are unique for a number of reasons. First, since real estate is the focus of our practice, we can offer negotiation assistance, coordination of the transaction and other items not traditionally handled by attorneys, in addition to the legal document preparation and review.Second, unlike many attorneys our fees are true flat fees, not a retainer with additional hourly charges after a certain amount of time. The fees apply to all offers associated with your sale, so even if we review ten offers you never get charged an additional fee for our time.Finally, for no fee or obligation, we are happy to talk with you about how we can help, what services you actually need and what you can get by without.