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Law Offices of Kirk R. Mulfinger

At the Mulfinger Law Group we practice Real Estate law. Our experienced attorneys and staff focus on counseling clients regarding residential purchase and sale transactions. Over the years we have assisted hundreds of residential buyers and sellers to successfully and cost-effectively achieve their real estate goals. Additionally, we counsel clients regarding real estate investment and development and represent clients involved in real estate litigation. Our clients benefit from our thorough understanding of the real estate industry and the complex laws, regulations and customs that affect the transference and use of real property.

Mission Statement
Mulfinger Law Group drew its inspiration from an awareness of a growing number of people seeking alternatives to conventional residential real estate transactions. Traditional real estate models leave a gap between undertaking transactions with no meaningful assistance and full service brokerage with a high commission or expensive hourly legal representation. Mulfinger Law Group’s mission is to fill that need by providing reliable and affordable legal advice to assist buyers and sellers to complete residential transactions with confidence.Along with our buyers and sellers services, the Mulfinger Law Group offers a full range of legal services for real estate investors and business start-ups. Our team is composed of real estate and legal professionals who take pride in assisting our clients to realize their real estate and legal goals and protect their investments.We look forward to serving you.
Kirk Mulfinger
Founder of MLG